ENA Programmes Focus Areas
1. Women Empowerment (Women Inclusion in the Aquaculture Value Chain)
To enhance sustainable livelihoods and empowerment of rural women and their families’  wellness, health, mental and social wellbeing.

2. Positioning (Tuvuke & Engendering Reform Processes)
To Position women to safe guard gains made in gender equality through enhancing their  capacity for meaningful participation and engagement in the reform agenda.

3. Advocacy (Sexual Reproductive and Maternal Health)
To reduce infant mortality and promote girls and women’s reproductive health rights.

4. Youth Empowerment (Women & Girls in Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics [STEM] )
To enhance and promote the uptake of STEM courses for young girls and women – challenging the gender stereotypes.

5. Research & Innovation
– The Democracy Trust Fund – To identify, prepare and position women to participate in democratic processes. Read more..

– Revolving Loan Fund for Aquaculture – To provide funds to women in the aquaculture industry.