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Years Of Empowering Women


Echo Network Africa

Echo Network Africa (ENA) formerly Kenya Women Holding (KWH) is a woman led, women serving development institution that works with other like minded stakeholders to empower, position and advocate for women with specific focus on young women, women with disabilities and women from marginalized communities.
ENA is a membership organization whose focus is to be a catalyst for development that propels the women empowerment agenda. This is achieved by collaborating with governments (national and county) and community-based organizations, hence creating alliances to innovate and grow viable initiatives that enable women to advance their security and prosperity.
ENA’s programs are anchored on six major pillars, namely: Community Resilience and Livelihood, Women’s Leadership, Political Participation and Governance, Girls Excel Initiative, Peace and Conflict Resolution and Financial Inclusion.


What we Focus on

Catalyst For Development

Empowering All Women To
Create a Better Society

Women Empowerment

To enhance sustainable livelihoods and empowerment of rural women and their families’ wellness, health and social wellbeing.

Peace and Conflict Resolution

To contribute to National peace and entrench a sustainable peace movement.

Positioning/Democracy Programme

Addressing Gender gaps and Engendering Reform


MARCH 2024

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Keynote Address by HON. Aisha Jumwa K. Katana- Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Gender, Culture, The Arts and Heritage

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